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Taxdoctor Service Overview

What we do

Taxdoctor provide online tax return services to individuals and partnerships. We will help you to gather the required information, complete the tax return and submit it online to HMRC

Who we help

  • Sole traders / self employed individuals
  • Partnerships
  • Landlords - those who received rental income from property

How it works

  1. Quick phone chat (usually around 5-10 mins) with the client to better understand their situation.
  2. We email them with a list of the information we need
  3. They send it back to us:
    1. Using our client online portal
    2. By email
    3. By post
    4. Over the phone
  4. We complete the tax return and email them a copy to check through to make sure they're happy
  5. If they are happy they respond to us and make payment of our invoice
  6. We then submit their tax return online to HMRC.